Perspective on the Middle East

After my trip to Israel over Spring Break, I’ve been eager to do more reading on the subject of Israel’s history as a state and her relationship with her neighbors.  Luckily, I could turn to our own collection for a gem on the topic by Pulitzer Prize winner, Richard Ben Cramer.

I highly recommend this book for it’s poignancy, humor (where appropriate), and first-hand knowledge of the region and it’s difficulties.  I found the “holy land” to be an intriguing place, and I’m always eager to share pictures/stories about my experience with any curious students and colleagues.  Our travel blog:

I was lucky enough to spend my time there with a former colleague and friend, Shani Cohen, who has returned to her home country and lives with her husband, Adam in downtown Jerusalem, participating heavily in the musical and artistic life of the city.


Read Well…Write Well?

Recently our library has acquired what I have found to be the most surprising book about writing imaginable: Verlyn Klinkenborg’s “Several Short Sentences about Writing.”

Voracious readers should be able to “naturally” write well…right?  Not according to Mr. Klinkenborg, and I’m more and more inclined to agree with him.  I invite all ambitious writers and readers to come explore this highly unorthodox take on what is usually boring beyond all reason: the writers’ guidebook.  Instead of charts or tricks or mantras, Klinkenborg presents a poetic manifesto on the power and hard work behind a carefully crafted sentence.