Library Mission


The RSS Upper School Library is a Grand Central Station of information and resources.  My goal as a librarian is to serve as a conduit of clear, organized resources that complement and harmonize with the classroom curriculum.  I feel privileged to be able to observe and partner with all of our innovative faculty members to tailor our collection and electronic media to any given moment in the school year.

I find real satisfaction in helping to draw parallels and detect patterns of similarity between seemingly divergent topics, and then fortifying my colleagues and students with hearty tidbits of additional tools they may not have realized were available to them.

I see a library as a beautiful room filled with books and light.  But beyond that, it is also a hub of activity: teachers and students mining periodicals, books, the internet, and each other’s minds for ideas and inspiration.  I hope our library gradually develops the aura of a salon, buzzing with energetic, imaginative searching.


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