Science Mixed with English

We like to mix things up here at Steiner, and the library is no different.  I’m proud to introduce our readers to one of our newest acquisitions:

Link to the AMNH event I attended on Sunday, March 9.

This book takes science writing to a new level, optimizing the talents and foci of the father/son author team.  Steve Palumbi is a marine biologist and geneticist at Stanford University, while his son, Anthony Palumbi, is a writer and film/video game designer.  The team gave a dynamic presentation, and they were kind enough to inscribe the book to our RSS students, “with hope for the next generation.”

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“By the Book” NY Times

What are great writers and thinkers reading?  The interviewers of the NY Times Sunday Book Review feature, “By the Book” gives us an often humorous and surprising perspective on how books are shared and appreciated.   Enjoy scrolling through this archive and picking out the responses from your favorite authors.  Below are some examples:

Technology as Effective Teaching Tool or Big Brother?

Teacher Knows if You’ve Done the E-Reading NY Times Article

Teacher Knows if You’ve Done the E-Reading

He has ways of knowing
If you read
what he told you to read.
He doesn’t need
to look over your shoulder
or give a quiz.
Where once a debate
or discussion served
as the only revelator,
now the truth
of time applied to text
Is accounted in code.


Believer Magazine–Like Paris Review, but More Fun!

A famous writer’s name misspelled on his tombstone….the battle for international standard tuning spawning crusades, cultism, and conspiracy theories…a whole bunch of unsettling literary dolls…boxer dogs..sports fans…life’s ideal…and MORE!

This is just a sample from the contents of this month’s issue of Believer Magazine, brought to us from the publication duo: Dave Eggers and Vendela Vida.  Together they hatched the indie McSweeney’s and wrote the Maya Rudolph and John Krasinski film, “Away We Go,” and they are also married to each other!


They also run 826 Valencia in the Mission District of San Fransisco (and all subsequent chains in other cities): an after-school tutoring program that strives to help under-served youth write proficiently and even publish!